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Professional Indemnity Insurance

Professional Indemnity Insurance, also referred to as PI Insurance or PII, will cover professionals and their businesses against claims made by a client, or third party, relating to breach of contract, intellectual property rights and infringement of copyright, negligence, errors and omissions. Professional Indemnity Insurance claims can be substantial and well beyond the normal financial resources of most firms. A Professional Indemnity policy can cover legal and other costs and expenses incurred in the defence of any claim.

Hera Indemnity are specialist brokers in this field and enjoy close working relationships with all the blue-chip insurers and Underwriters through whom we arrange highly competitive insurance cover tailor-made for your business.

Always remember! As a professional or a representative of a professional or private firm who give advice to clients in your role of a ‘Professional Expert’ you may well face a claim, or indeed be sued for providing negligent or inaccurate advice. Your professional reputation, and importantly your financial security, is paramount and therefore it is imperative to have the right insurance in place to cover all eventualities.

The client management team at Hera Indemnity appreciate the importance, and indeed the necessity, of obtaining comprehensive Professional Indemnity cover for professional firms and individuals. Their knowledge and expertise of the Professional Indemnity Insurance market will ensure you obtain specialist bespoke cover for your firm at the best possible premium.
Why Hera Indemnity?
Independent insurance broker
Over 12 years’ experience placing
Professional Indemnity Insurance
All sizes and types of firms
Access to participating insurers
Competitive premiums
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Business finance for the professions
In-house claims handling
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